Rules & Regulations

Tournament Rules and Regulations

Participation and Eligibility:

A completed entry form, waiver, and entry fee must be received no later than the published entry deadline date.  All participants represent that they are physically and mentally competent, fit and able to participate.  By entering, all participants agree to assume all risks of personal injury, death, and damage to or loss of property and further agree to indemnify and hold CASA of Terrebonne, volunteers, sponsors, officers, members, and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, and causes of action resulting directly or indirectly from participation.

Legal Fishing time/Boundaries:

Fishing begins by shotgun start at approximately 7:30am until 2:00pm on Saturday, October 27, 2018.  Times are subject to change based on weather and safety issues at the discretion of the Tournament Director and Water Patrol.  All fish must be caught in accordance with LA state law, and the following tournament rules.  There may be additional restrictions based on local conditions.  The final boundaries will be identified at Saturday morning sign in (7am).


Measuring will be open during fishing hours on the tournament boats in the area assigned.  All competitors may catch and keep only 1 redfish over 27 inches.  Competitors may catch, weigh, and release an unlimited number of redfish in accordance with LDWF regulations.  Any fisherman who has called the tournament boats by 2:00pm cutoff time on October 27, 2018 will be allowed to measure their catch.  If an angler calls after the deadline, the catch will not qualify.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Official time will be kept by the Tournament Director.  Anglers are encouraged to call a tournament assist boat as soon as possible to ensure the health of the fish.  Anglers are strongly urged not to wait until the last minute to submit their catch for measuring.  All fish submitted for measuring must be fresh and caught during the tournament.  The measuring official(s) will make decisions on accepting fish for measuring, their decision is final.  Any attempt to enter fraudulent catch, exchanging catches, tampering with catch, or hampering or threatening any official of the tournament will result in immediate disqualification.  Only authorized persons will be allowed in the measuring stations.  Fish will be measured in the order in which they are checked in.  The largest fish will be determined by length.  In the event of a tie, the first of the fish entered will be considered the winner, and the other will be dropped to the next position.  Frozen, spoiled, gutted or mutilated fish will not be eligible for entry.



Redfish                                                                        Speckled Trout

1st $500                                                                       1st $500

2nd $250                                                                      2nd $250

3rd $100                                                                       3rd $100


Legal Tackle/Bait:

Any hook and line combination of artificial tackle, flies, live and or dead bait is allowed.

Paddle Craft Only:

No trolling motors, gas engines, sails, mother ships- all paddle craft will be exclusively human powered for the duration of the time on the water.  No engines (electric or gas), sails, or towing assistance from motor or sail vessels will be permitted during fishing or traveling from the launch area (except in the case of emergencies to be determined in the sole direction of the captains of the support vessels).  All fish must be hooked and leadered or boated from the paddle craft – no beaching the kayak to fish.

Water Courtesy:

Do your best not to disturb someone else’s fishing area, by encroachment, or noise.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.


All protests must be made in writing and delivered to a tournament director no later than 2:15pm.  The tournament director is the final authority in all considerations.

Release of Liability and Covenant Not to Sue:

A waiver, release of liability, and covenant not to sue are part of the entry form.  It is required that all participants take responsibility for themselves while participating in event activities.

Rule Changes:

Rules interpretation is exclusively left to the Tournament Director.  The decisions of the Tournament Director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.


Bad weather may require the Tournament Director to close fishing early for safety reasons.  In that case, information will be given at Trade Winds Marina & Lodge as to a new time for awards to start.


There will be no refunds in the event the tournament must be cancelled.